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Best online live dealer blackjack – 2024 reviews

Last updated on March 7, 2024
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Live dealer blackjack is a perfect fit for those who love card games and value a genuine casino atmosphere. If you're in Ontario and eager to dive into this popular game but unsure of where to begin, our blackjack experts are here to unravel all the intricacies for you.

We'll guide you through the game rules, betting strategies, and more. Plus, we provide an impartial and carefully curated list of the best live blackjack casinos. With Lucky Marmot, you can rely on us to keep you informed and well-prepared for an engaging live blackjack experience.

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19+. All betting-related products and services regulated by iGaming Ontario are available only to those physically present in Ontario. Play responsibly. Contact ConnexOntario for support.

The best game variants: Live blackjack Canada

Online live dealer blackjack is the next level of how to enjoy this incredible card game. Since they maintain the essence of traditional casino tables, with their dealers and their charismatic activity with the players. So, if you are in Ontario and eager to learn how to become a blackjack player, you are in the right place. Because our experts are here to guide you and teach you everything you need to know about this popular card game.

Here you will learn the rules of the game, the strategies you can use, and where you can enjoy online live dealer blackjack. You will find a carefully selected list of the best casinos with Blackjack and Live blackjack Canada. Therefore, you can trust Lucky Marmot to keep you informed and prepare you for an extraordinary blackjack experience.

Live Blackjack Odds & Payouts

Live dealer blackjack indeed mirrors the odds of classic or American blackjack when played with a standard 52-card deck. In this setup, the probability of winning a hand in blackjack is approximately 42.22%, while the chances of being dealt a hand totaling exactly 21 are around 4.75%.

Typically, the best online casinos offering live blackjack implement a house edge of around 0.61%. This means that for every $100 wagered on a blackjack game, the casino expects to make a profit of about $0.61 on average. The odds in blackjack are commonly set at 3/2, so if you win, you receive 1.5 times your original bet. For instance, a $100 bet that wins would yield a $150 profit, resulting in a total payout of $250 (which includes your $100 original stake and the $150 profit).

The probabilities of being dealt specific hands in classic live blackjack can be calculated based on the combinations and permutations of the cards in the deck. Each hand's likelihood is determined by these statistical probabilities, ensuring that the game adheres to the expected norms of standard blackjack play.

Hand Value Probability
21 4.8%
17-20 30%
1-16 38.7%
No bust 26.5%

Find the best casinos with live dealer blackjack

Here at Lucky Marmot, we have a system that guarantees we choose the right Live Casinos in Ontario. Since, based on data provided by experts, we can give with certainty the indicated online live dealer blackjack. For this, several important casino factors are taken into account, such as:

  • Variety of online live dealer blackjack.
  • Compatibility with mobile devices.
  • Quantity and quality of software providers.
  • Payment options offered.
  • Quality of customer service.
  • Bonuses and promotions.
  • Security for the client.

Below, we will explain these factors in detail so that you take them into account when choosing a place to bet on online live dealer blackjack.

Blackjack Rules: Learn How It Works

Blackjack rules

To play at the Best Online Casinos Sites, you need to know in depth the game rules that you are going to encounter. Therefore, we must tell you that learning to play live dealer blackjack online requires understanding several rules and variations of this game. Additionally, being clear about these rules will help you create a strategy effectively. Thus, achieving greater performance in places like Live Blackjack Casinos. So, below, we will mention all the rules of online live dealer blackjack you need to know.

    • Hit Split Aces: This rule can be applied when you split a pair of aces, and you can receive more than one card.
    • Bet Behind: When you place a “bet behind” you place a bet on another player's hand. You do this when you are waiting for a spot at an online live dealer blackjack table.
    • Different table setups: At certain online live dealer blackjack tables, game modes are offered in which you play alone against the live blackjack dealer or play with more players at your table.
    • Side Bets: This rule allows you to bet on specific outcomes and win potentially large sums.
    • Playing cards: Some Live dealer blackjack Canada are allowed to use more than 6 and up to 8 decks of cards.
    • Split: You can perform this action when, at the beginning of your hand, you obtain two cards of the same value. Which allows you to split your hands in two and play with them separately.
    • Surrender: You can give up your hand before it is your turn to play, and you will receive half of what you have bet.
    • Double 2: In certain online live dealer blackjack, you will be allowed to double your bet on any combination of cards, which will give you more options to increase your winnings.
    • Double 9-11: If you have a number between 9 and 11 in your hand, you can double your bet.


Pros and cons of playing blackjack

Like everything in life, even if something is good, it does not mean that it does not have some flaw. So, to conclude, we will mention the pros and cons that you can find when playing live dealer blackjack online.

Pros and cons

  • Fully live games.
  • Fair play.
  • Tournaments available.
  • Constant availability of space.
  • Technical problems may occur.
  • Game timeouts of other players.

The best Live Blackjack Canada games

You will find a lot of variety and ways to play online live dealer blackjack. They all have different rules and nuances changing the way players must perform. This ranges from the way the dealer makes his play to the options available to the player when playing. Therefore, it is important to note that these variations either affect the house edge, improve the players' odds, or reduce them.

So, to address this in detail, we will move on to explore some of the most popular variants of online live dealer blackjack. It is important to clarify that these variants are available in online casinos in Ontario, Canada. Furthermore, we always leave it up to you to choose the type of blackjack you prefer. Since there is a wide range of variations of online live dealer blackjack, you should choose the one that suits your preferences and skills. Without further ado, some of the best types of blackjack games at Online Casinos in Canada are the following:

  1. Infinite Blackjack: This game mode has no seating limit. Which allows anyone to play without waiting for a spot. This blackjack follows the standard game rules. On the other hand, at Royal Panda, you will find the best quality online live dealer blackjack in the Infinite Blackjack mode.
  2. Lightning Blackjack: In this variant, players are offered multipliers called “Lightning Card” each round, which increases their chances of winning. The Live Blackjack Casino that stands out in this variant is Caesars.
  3. Free Bet Blackjack: This variant offers the possibility of having split and double hands at no cost. On the other hand, the ideal casino to bet on this game variant is BetRivers.
  4. Evolution Live Blackjack: This game mode is similar to the traditional one but with a different distribution order. Therefore, in this mode, players decide if they want to “hit”, “double” or “split” after the first two cards. Additionally, BetMGM is renowned for its Evolution Live Blackjack tables due to their quality.
  5. Azure Blackjack: This blackjack variant is played with eight decks of fifty-two cards each. In this case, PointsBet is the favourite to play Blackjack Azure.
  6. VIP Blackjack: In this mode, 8 decks are used, and it allows you to play up to 7 hands simultaneously. Furthermore, the rules to follow are the standard blackjack rules and, in this case, Royal Panda is the best choice to play this online live dealer blackjack.
  7. One Blackjack: The One Blackjack variant is governed by the classic rules of blackjack but with a new dynamic that increases the potential for profits. In addition, it has an unlimited number of player places and players can have several bets in parallel. In this case, the prominent place for this online live dealer blackjack is PartyCasino.
  8. Speed Blackjack: This game mode is similar to seven-player online live dealer blackjack, but here decisions must be made more quickly. The player who decides to “split”, “hit” or “double” faster receives the next card first.
  9. Power Blackjack: This blackjack variant eliminates cards 9 and 10 from the deck. Additionally, it allows players to double, triple, or quadruple their bet after the first two cards. On the otherhand, the recommended place to have a better experience in this online live dealer blackjack is CoolBet.


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At Lucky Marmot, we provide personalized casino and sports betting offers through affiliate links, earning us a commission at no extra cost to you when depositing. We urge readers to abide by local gambling laws, which may vary and change. Please note, Lucky Marmot is not a gambling operator and doesn’t offer gambling facilities. We can’t be held responsible for third-party site activities, and don’t condone gambling where it’s prohibited.