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Privacy and Cookies Policy

Last updated on
October 13, 2023

Privacy and Cookie Guidelines

Our Privacy and Cookie Guidelines apply to our main site, including related subdomains (termed “Service”), at LuckyMarmot.com. When you access or utilize our Service, it means you've read, comprehended, and consented to how we gather, keep, use, and share your personal data as outlined in these Privacy and Cookie Guidelines and in our Service Terms.

Essential Terms Defined

For clarity in this Privacy Guideline, whenever these terms are used, they have the following meanings:

Cookie: a tiny piece of data a website creates, which your browser stores. It's employed to recognize your browser, provide insights, and recall specifics about you, like your chosen language or sign-in details.

Company: In these terms, references to "company", "we", "our", or "us" mean LuckyMarmot.com, which handles your data as per this Privacy Guideline.

Country: Refers to Bulgaria, the place where LuckyMarmot.com or its founders are located.

Customer: The entity, individual, or organization that registers to utilize the LuckyMarmot.com platform for managing interactions with their consumers or users of their service.

Device: Any device with internet capability such as a mobile, computer, tablet, or any other gadget employed to access LuckyMarmot.com and its offerings.

IP Address: A unique number given to every device connected to the internet, known as an Internet Protocol (IP) address. These numbers are often designated based on location. It can typically pinpoint the geographical location of an internet-connected device.

Personnel: Individuals either hired by LuckyMarmot.com or contracted to offer services on its behalf.

Personal Data: Information that, either directly, indirectly or when combined with other data – including a personal ID number – can identify an individual.

Service: The offerings given by LuckyMarmot.com as detailed in the associated Terms (if present) and on this platform.

Third-party Service: Entities like advertisers, contest organizers, marketing affiliates, and others that produce our content or offer products/services that might appeal to you.

Website: The official platform of LuckyMarmot.com, accessible through this link:


You: An individual or organization registered with LuckyMarmot.com for availing the services.

What data do we gather?

When you navigate our website, sign up, order something, subscribe to our updates, participate in a survey, or complete a form, we gather details from you.

This includes:

• Name or Username

• Email Details

• Postal Addresses

• Age

• Password

For an enhanced user experience on mobile devices, we gather certain information, but these are entirely voluntary:

• Location (GPS): This helps us understand your interests better and allows us to present more tailored and pertinent content.

How do we utilize the data we gather?

The data we gather from you can be utilized for:

• Tailoring your experience (using your data allows us to cater to your unique requirements)

• Enhancing our site (we consistently aim to enrich our site based on your feedback and the data we gather)

• Boosting customer support (your data enables us to address your queries and support needs more efficiently)

• Organizing promotions, contests, surveys, or other website activities

• Dispatching regular emails

When does LuckyMarmot.com obtain third-party user data?

LuckyMarmot.com gathers necessary end user details to offer our services to clients.

Users can willingly share data they've set public on social platforms. If you share such details with us, we might collect open data from the social platforms you've mentioned. You can manage the visibility of your data on these platforms by visiting them and adjusting your privacy preferences.

When does LuckyMarmot.com obtain data from third-party customers?

When you engage with us, we sometimes source data from third parties. For instance, when you provide your email to show interest in joining LuckyMarmot.com, an automated fraud detection service shares details with us.

Moreover, we occasionally fetch data made public on social media sites. You can dictate how much information is public on these sites by adjusting your privacy options there.

Do we distribute the data we gather to third parties?

The data we gather, both identifiable and non-identifiable, might be shared with entities like advertisers, promotional organizers, marketing affiliates, and others who curate our content or offer products/services that could be of interest to you.

It might also be shared with our existing or potential affiliated entities, partners, and in events like mergers, asset transactions, or other organizational shifts, your identifiable and non-identifiable data might be shared or transferred to the succeeding parties.

Trusted third-party service providers may be engaged by us to undertake tasks and provide services like managing our servers and website, storing our database, email handling, storing marketing data, processing credit card payments, customer support, and processing orders for services or products bought via the site. It's probable that we'll share your identifiable data, and perhaps some non-identifiable details, with these entities to enable them to render these services on our behalf and for your benefit.

Sections of our log file data, including IP addresses, may be shared with third parties for analytical goals, such as with web analytics entities, app creators, and ad platforms. Shared IP addresses can be utilized to approximate general locations and technographic details, like connection quality, shared location visits, and device type used for site access. These parties may compile data regarding our promotional activities and what you view on the site, subsequently providing us and our advertisers with research, reporting, and auditing.

We might share both your identifiable and non-identifiable details with government agencies or law enforcement, or private entities if we deem it crucial or apt. This could be in response to claims, legal processes, for protecting our or a third party's rights and interests, ensuring public or individual safety, preventing unlawful or potentially illegal activities, or to align with applicable laws, court directives, rules, and regulations.

When and where do we gather data from customers and users?

LuckyMarmot.com collects personal details you provide to us. Additionally, as mentioned earlier, third parties might supply us with information about you.

How is your email address utilized?

By sharing your email on this site, you consent to receiving emails from us. You can opt out of any email list by clicking the provided opt-out link or the unsubscribe option in the email. We email only those who've given us permission, either directly or via a third party. We don't send unwanted promotional emails, as we detest spam just like you.

How long is your data retained?

Your information is stored only as long as necessary to deliver the LuckyMarmot.com service and fulfill the objectives outlined in this policy. This principle also applies to any entity with whom we share your details and who performs tasks on our behalf. Once there's no longer a necessity to retain your data due to service provision or legal/regulatory obligations, we either delete it from our systems or anonymize it, rendering it impossible to trace back to you.

How is your data safeguarded?

We have in place multiple security protocols to ensure the protection of your personal details when you input, submit, or access it. We offer secure server access. All confidential information provided is transferred using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and subsequently encrypted into our payment gateway provider's system, only accessible to those with special authorization and an obligation to maintain data confidentiality. Following any transaction, your personal details are not stored permanently. It's essential to note that while we strive for robust security measures, we cannot guarantee the unbreachable security of any data transmitted to LuckyMarmot.com, nor can we assure the data on the Service won't be accessed, altered, disclosed, or destroyed due to any breaches in our safeguards.

Can your data be moved to other nations?

LuckyMarmot.com operates out of Bulgaria. Data collected via our site, direct interactions, or when you use our assistance may occasionally be transferred to our offices, personnel, or third parties worldwide and may be viewed and hosted globally, even in regions without comprehensive laws regulating such data. In line with applicable laws, by using our services, you voluntarily agree to such international transfers and hosting of your data.

Is your data safe with the LuckyMarmot.com service?

We prioritize the security of your details. We employ a combination of physical, electronic, and managerial strategies to secure your data, prevent unauthorized access, maintain its integrity, and ensure its proper use. However, no security measure or encryption is entirely infallible. Additionally, individuals can engage in deliberate wrongdoings, make errors, or disregard policies. Thus, although we make a sincere effort to shield your personal details, we can't promise its complete safety. If there's any mandatory legal obligation to safeguard your personal details, you concur that our adherence to such an obligation will be evaluated based on any deliberate wrongdoing on our part.

Can you modify or update your data?

The ability to amend or update the information collected by LuckyMarmot.com is contingent upon your relationship with us. For instance, employees can adjust their data as outlined in our company's internal employment guidelines. Clients can request certain restrictions on the use and sharing of their identifiable information. You can reach out to us to:

(1) Modify or update your personal details;

(2) Alter your preferences concerning the communications or other information you get from us; or

(3) Erase the identifiable data we have about you in our systems (with the subsequent condition in mind) by terminating your account.

Any modifications, rectifications, changes, or deletions you request won't impact other data we retain or the details we've previously shared with third parties as per this Privacy and Cookies Policy. To safeguard your privacy and security, we might implement steps like asking for a distinct password to validate your identity before providing profile access or making amendments. It's your responsibility to keep your password and account details confidential at all times.

It's essential to understand that technologically, we cannot entirely erase every trace of information you've provided us. Due to system backup procedures to prevent accidental data loss, a non-deletable copy of your information might remain, which may be challenging or impossible for us to locate and erase. However, upon receiving your request, all personal details in databases we actively use and other easily searchable mediums will be, to the extent technically feasible, promptly updated, rectified, changed, or deleted.

If you're an end user wanting to modify, erase, or access any data we hold about you, please reach out to the entity with which you're a customer.

Business Transaction

Should there be a business transaction such as a sale, merger, or any other asset transfer of LuckyMarmot.com or its Corporate Affiliates, particularly relevant to the Service, we hold the right to transfer the data to a third party. The same applies if we choose to cease operations or face bankruptcy or reorganization scenarios. However, any third party would be required to commit to the conditions of this

Privacy Policy.

Applicable Law

This Privacy and Cookies Policy operates under Bulgarian law, without considering its conflict of laws principles. By engaging with this policy, you consent to the jurisdiction of Bulgarian courts for any disputes or actions arising from or related to this Privacy Policy.

The laws of Bulgaria, excluding its conflict of law provisions, will govern this agreement and your engagement with the website. Additionally, your use of the website may be governed by other regional, state, national, or international laws.

Acceptance of Policy

Engaging with LuckyMarmot.com or reaching out to us indicates your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. If you disagree with this Policy, it's advisable not to interact with our website or use our services. Continuation of website use, engaging with us, or the introduction of alterations to this Privacy and Cookies Policy that don't majorly impact the use or sharing of your personal data implies your consent to the changes.


In our commitment to transparency, we've updated our Privacy and Cookies Policy. By accessing our site and creating an account, you are agreeing to and consenting to the terms set out in our Privacy and Cookies Policy.

External Links

This Privacy and Cookies Policy is confined to our Services. The Services might have links to other websites not overseen or operated by LuckyMarmot.com. We hold no responsibility for the content, validity, or views expressed on such sites, nor do we vouch for their accuracy or completeness. When navigating from our

Services to another site, our Privacy and Cookies Policy ceases to apply. Interaction on any other website, including those linked on our platform, falls under the rules and policies of that particular website. These third-party sites might have their own methods to collect data, possibly using cookies or other techniques.

Cookies and Their Use

LuckyMarmot.com employs "cookies" to recognize which parts of our website you've browsed. Cookies are minor data fragments saved on your device by your browser. While cookies improve our website's performance and features, they aren't essential. Yet, without them, some functions like video playback might not work, or you might have to re-enter your login credentials every time because the site wouldn't recall your prior login. You can configure most browsers to avoid accepting cookies, but doing so might impact your user experience and limit website functionality. We assure you that our cookies never store any personal identifiable details.

How to Restrict Cookies

Regardless of your location, you can adjust your browser settings to decline cookies and similar tools. However, this might block essential cookies, potentially hampering our website's proper functioning and limiting access to its features.

Note that if you restrict cookies, you may also lose certain saved information (like login details or site preferences). Browsers offer varying controls for cookies. Just deactivating a cookie doesn't erase it from your browser; you'll need to do that manually in your browser settings. For further guidance, refer to your browser's help section.

Updates to Our Privacy Guidelines

As our Services and policies evolve, we might need to amend this Privacy and Cookies Policy to reflect those changes accurately. Unless legally mandated, we'll inform you about any policy modifications (possibly through our Service) before they become effective. If you continue using the Service post updates, you agree to the revised policy. Should you disagree with the updated or any other version of the Privacy Policy, you have the option to terminate your account.

Third-Party Offerings

Our platform might showcase or include third-party content (such as data, info, apps, and other services) or might have links directing to third-party websites or offerings ("Third-Party Services”).

By engaging with our platform, you acknowledge that LuckyMarmot.com isn't accountable for these Third-Party Services, including but not limited to their accuracy, completeness, timeliness, validity, compliance with copyright, legality, appropriateness, or quality. LuckyMarmot.com won't bear any liability concerning these Third-Party Services for you or any other individuals.Such Third-Party Services, and any links to them, are made available for your convenience. Your interaction with these services is at your own discretion and is governed by the terms set by those third-party providers.

Use of Tracking Tools


Cookies are implemented on our site to improve its performance and features. While they aren't vital for accessing the site, certain features like video playback might be compromised without them. Additionally, without cookies, you might find yourself entering login credentials repeatedly, as the site wouldn't recall your previous session.

Google Maps API

The Google Maps API is a powerful tool that offers various functionalities such as creating custom maps, enabling map searches, adding check-in features, displaying live data in sync with locations, planning routes, and creating mashups, among others. For security reasons, Google Maps API might gather data from you and your device. The information it collects is managed in line with Google's Privacy Policy.

Local Storage

Local Storage, often referred to as DOM storage, equips web applications with the capability to save data on the client-side. Unlike cookies that have a limited storage capacity and store data in the HTTP request header, web storage offers persistent data storage with a much higher capacity.


LuckyMarmot.com employs "Sessions" to track the sections of our site you've explored. A Session is a minor data fragment saved on your device by your web browser, similar to how cookies work but primarily used to maintain a stateful session for a user across web pages.

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At Lucky Marmot, we provide personalized casino and sports betting offers through affiliate links, earning us a commission at no extra cost to you when depositing. We urge readers to abide by local gambling laws, which may vary and change. Please note, Lucky Marmot is not a gambling operator and doesn’t offer gambling facilities. We can’t be held responsible for third-party site activities, and don’t condone gambling where it’s prohibited.