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Best soccer betting sites in Canada – 2024 reviews

Last updated on March 7, 2024
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Navigating the options for the best sportsbook for soccer betting in Ontario can be daunting. Soccer, being a core offering for all operators, sees bookmakers fiercely competing to provide the most attractive soccer odds.

At Lucky Marmot, our soccer experts meticulously review and rate all soccer betting sites based on stringent criteria such as odds and market variety, betting features, and more. We guide you through popular bet types, highlight the world's premier soccer leagues, explain the betting process, and showcase Canada's top soccer betting sites and apps. This comprehensive approach is designed to help you make informed decisions and find the best platform for your soccer betting needs.

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Soccer betting Canada: winners by popular leagues

Soccer betting Canada

Now that we've provided a summary of the top soccer betting sites in Ontario, let's delve into those that stand out in particular betting categories. Each sportsbook has its unique strengths – some offer special features or enhanced betting options for specific soccer leagues, while others are known for providing the best outright odds for major tournaments. This detailed look will help you identify which sportsbooks excel in areas that matter most to your soccer betting preferences.

League / event Our winner Highlight
FIFA World Cup bet365 sportsbook Best outright odds
Major League Soccer BetVictor sportsbook Interactive live bets
English Premier League bet365 sportsbook Player Specials
Canadian Premier League LeoVegas sportsbook Attractive point spreads
Bundesliga PointsBet sportsbook Unique proposition bets
Serie A BetRivers sportsbook Competitive odds on futures
Champions League bet365 sportsbook Great moneyline odds

How to choose the best soccer betting sites

When selecting the best betting sites for placing soccer bets online, there are several factors to consider to ensure they meet your specific needs. These factors range from offering a wide selection of soccer matches that align with your betting style to providing a top-quality soccer betting app. It's important to find a site that not only covers a broad spectrum of soccer leagues and tournaments but also offers an intuitive and efficient mobile betting experience.

Pros and cons: should you bet on soccer online?

Betting on soccer online offers numerous advantages. It's both convenient and secure, plus it opens up a vast array of betting options. In this discussion, we'll delve into the positives of top soccer betting sites as well as some potential downsides to keep in mind.

Pros and cons

  • Hundreds of leagues
  • Highly popular sport with abundant online betting resources and expert insights.
  • Year-round events
  • Lower odds than other sports
  • Can be difficult to predict

How to place soccer bets in Canada

Getting started with soccer betting online is straightforward. After choosing a suitable site, you can begin betting in just minutes. Here's a quick guide:

  • Sign up at a sports betting website and deposit funds.

  • Find your favorite soccer league and examine the available odds.

  • Choose a match to bet on and select the team you think will triumph.

  • Enter your betting amount to see your potential winnings.

  • Confirm your bet and then relax and watch the game unfold.

Popular soccer bets

Placing a soccer bet offers various popular betting choices.

Each option has its unique approach, essentially involving a prediction about a specific outcome.

Next, we will explore common soccer betting options available in Ontario.

1. Moneyline

In Ontario, a common soccer betting option you'll find on betting websites is selecting the winning team. This choice is widely used in soccer games, covering live bets, outright bets, and futures bets. It's an excellent bet type for those new to betting.

2. Totals

Another favored betting style is known as totals, or over/under. Here, your task is simply to forecast the total number of goals scored in the entire game. The winning team or the highest goal scorer doesn't matter. Your focus is on whether the actual goal count will be more or less than the sportsbook's prediction.

3. Points spread

In Canada, a widespread type of spread betting for soccer is the Asian handicap. This method involves predicting the number of goals scored, considering quarter or half goals. By using handicap betting, the usual three outcomes – win, loss, or draw – are reduced to two, as it eliminates the possibility of a draw.

4. Half/Full time

You can make prop bets to foresee events occurring in the first half, second half, or throughout the entire game. For instance, with a half-time bet, you might predict whether a team will score a goal or if the match will be tied at half-time. Full-time bets can involve speculating on the number of saves, which player will score, and other aspects of the game.

5. Three-way bet

Most sports betting sites feature a three-way bet. This bet lets you wager on one of three outcomes: either Team Y wins, Team X wins, or the game ends in a draw. The odds for this type of bet tend to be higher due to the inclusion of a third possible result, unlike a two-way bet.

6. Double chance

In this betting style, you can place a wager on two out of the three outcomes provided by the sportsbook. This doubles your chances of winning, mathematically equating to a 66.6% probability of success.

7. Total goals

This betting type, as the name implies, involves predicting the total number of goals scored in a soccer match. It's irrelevant which team scores; what matters is the cumulative goal count by the end of the game. This option is particularly suitable for those new to online soccer betting.

8. Both teams to score

True to its name, this bet requires you to predict whether each team will score at least one goal during the game. The total number of goals is not a factor in this type of bet.

9. Futures

Placing futures bets demands a combination of experience and luck, as these bets involve predicting outcomes that will occur at the season's end. For instance, you might need to forecast the team that will win the Champions League final or the player who will be named the English Premier League MVP of the season.

10. Special soccer bets (scorers, corners, penalty)

Special soccer bets, while complex, add an exciting dimension to betting by focusing on specific in-game events. You can wager on who will score, the number of corner kicks, or the occurrence of penalties. These are types of prop bets that often come with high odds due to their challenging nature.

Online soccer betting leagues breakdown

The global nature of soccer means having a variety of leagues is crucial for the top soccer betting sites. This diversity enables people to delve into and enjoy international leagues.

Online soccer betting tips

While making a basic moneyline bet is straightforward, understanding how to enhance your winning odds is a different aspect. It's important to keep in mind that there are no certainties in sports betting, yet you can equip yourself with strategies for more successful wagering.

1. Do your research

Prior to betting on a soccer game, research whether the competing teams have faced each other previously and if one has consistently outperformed the other. Additionally, examine their recent home and away game performances. Such information can be crucial in determining the likely winner.

2. Follow team news

Soccer commentators often possess insights that may not be commonly known to fans. Listen closely to their opinions on players expected to excel in upcoming matches or teams currently on a losing streak that might be risky to bet on.

3. Experiment with different betting types

Online soccer betting platforms offer a variety of betting options beyond just moneyline bets. Explore other markets like live bets, spreads, and parlays to expand your betting choices. Certain types, like parlays, can yield larger profits if your predictions are correct.

4. Take advantage of live betting

In-play betting sites stand out for their ability to allow real-time wagering, with odds that adapt according to the game's progress. While the odds may decrease, particularly towards the game's end, it's a viable method for earning extra cash. This approach is also ideal for those new to soccer betting.

5. Bet on the favourites

While the odds on favored teams may be lower, your chances of winning are typically higher. Betting on favorites is an excellent strategy for building confidence, particularly for those who are new to betting.

6. Make small bets

To improve your chances of winning and maintain responsible gambling, consider placing small bets spread across various leagues and games. Making modest wagers is a prudent approach to ensure that betting remains an enjoyable activity without becoming a problem.

Other online sports betting options

There's no shortage of soccer games to bet on, especially with major bookmakers. However, if you're seeking alternatives, there are other sports similar to soccer that are also popular in sports gambling.

1. Futsal

Indoor soccer is a soccer-based game that resembles five-a-side football. It is played on a hard, indoor court with a smaller field size, which promotes faster gameplay and creates more goal-scoring chances.

2. Handball

A sport involving two teams of seven players passing a ball to score goals in the opponent's net on a 40x20 court. Similar to soccer, but players can only use their hands, is called team handball.

3. American Football

A sport with distinct gameplay but rooted in soccer, featuring similar team composition with two squads of 11 players, midfield playmakers, and offside rules, is American football.

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