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Sports Betting in Ontario Canada – Best Sportsbooks 2024

Last updated on March 7, 2024
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With the legalization of single-game wagering in Ontario, the industry's leading sports betting sites are now offering high-quality competitive betting opportunities to enthusiasts in the province.

Our team of sports experts is well-prepared to cover every facet of online sports betting, ensuring that you're well-equipped to handle any unexpected turns. We'll help you explore the top sportsbooks and understand what distinguishes them, including the variety of markets and odds, payment options, and mobile compatibility. This comprehensive approach will enhance your online sports betting experience.

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19+. All betting-related products and services regulated by iGaming Ontario are available only to those physically present in Ontario. Play responsibly. Contact ConnexOntario for support.

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Our top three recommendations

We have meticulously selected these platforms by thoroughly assessing their services to ensure they excel in features, betting markets, and overall user experience.

Join us as we explore the rationale behind our selections and offer insights into why these sportsbooks merit your consideration.

#1. BetVictor

BetVictor is highly recommended for sports betting, thanks to its comprehensive range of betting features, wide variety of market choices, and outstanding customer service. The platform provides numerous betting options, contributing to a vibrant and engaging wagering experience. Additionally, BetVictor's committed customer support team is there to assist you at every stage of your betting journey.

#2. BetRivers

BetRivers is a top recommendation for its broad selection of betting markets, the useful early cash-out option, and excellent customer service. The BetRivers sportsbook appeals to a diverse group of sports fans by offering a wide variety of strategic betting opportunities. Furthermore, BetRivers' integration of PayPal as an eWallet option facilitates quick withdrawals, which is especially beneficial during live betting, making transactions more efficient.

#3. PartySports

PartySports sportsbook stands out with its extensive selection of nearly 30 sports, accommodating the interests of all sports fans. This wide range ensures that there's something for every sports enthusiast. Coupled with a user-friendly interface on both their website and app, PartySports offers smooth navigation and an engaging betting experience for users.

Sports betting resources

Our carefully assembled selection of articles explores key subjects crucial to sports bettors.

Whether you're in search of premier betting sites, trustworthy payment options, strategies for in-play betting, or comprehensive analysis of soccer betting, our resources are designed to assist you.

Dive into our expert-written articles to enhance your knowledge and skills in sports betting.

Sports that you can bet on

We understand that online sports betting can sometimes feel daunting due to the multitude of betting options available. In Canada, you can place bets on a wide range of sports, including football, hockey, basketball, and more.

A top-quality betting site ensures a diverse selection of sports and events for you to bet on. The best online sportsbooks go beyond just sports betting; some even provide options to bet on global events and award ceremonies, such as the Oscars.

1. Ice hockey

In Canada, the range of available sports tournaments is vast and diverse, attracting immense popularity. Among these, the most prestigious event is undoubtedly the Stanley Cup, which stands as the pinnacle of achievement in the sport.

2. Basketball

In another highly favored sport, numerous leagues are available for betting, with the NBA being the premier choice. College basketball betting also enjoys popularity, offering the exciting option of placing in-play bets.

3. Football

In Canada, both American and Canadian football leagues and tournaments are widely followed. Among these, the Super Bowl stands out as the major attraction. Betting options like parlays are particularly popular, along with the opportunity for single-game wagering, adding to the excitement of these events.

4. Baseball

For Canadian baseball fans, the MLB (Major League Baseball) is the premier tournament. It offers a broad spectrum of betting lines and provides opportunities for engaging in live bets, making it a favorite among sports bettors.

5. Soccer

In the world of soccer betting, there are numerous options to explore. Some of the most popular choices among bettors include the English Premier League, Bundesliga, and other prominent European leagues, each offering a range of exciting betting opportunities.

6. Esports

These are teams or individuals competing against each other in video games, including Counter-Strike and League of Legends.

Leagues and events

We're taking a deep dive into the heart of Canadian sports passion, exploring the leagues and events that hold a special place for Canadian fans.

Key events such as the NHL and NFL are instrumental in defining the Canadian sports landscape. They bring together fans in a shared celebration of their love for the game, creating a strong sense of community and unwavering devotion among enthusiasts.



NHL betting sites are online platforms where users can bet on National Hockey League (NHL) games. They offer various betting options and markets, enhancing the hockey experience with dynamic wagering opportunities.



The NFL, known as the National Football League, is a highly popular American football league featuring teams from across the U.S. It enjoys considerable popularity among Canadian bettors, drawing a large viewership and substantial engagement in sports betting activities.



MLB, which stands for Major League Baseball, is a renowned professional baseball league comprising teams from both the U.S. and Canada. Its storied history and widespread popularity have made it a key attraction for sports fans and bettors alike.



The NBA, or National Basketball Association, stands as a leading professional basketball league known for its high-profile games, star players, and intense competition. This combination attracts significant viewership and active participation in sports betting, making it a focal point for basketball enthusiasts.

Best sports betting apps

Uncover the top betting apps specially crafted for Canadian bettors. Featuring intuitive interfaces, a wide range of betting choices, and secure transaction processes, these elite apps are perfect for both experienced bettors and those new to the scene.

#1. LeoVegas

The LeoVegas app stands out as a prime choice for Canadian bettors and is accessible on both iOS and Android devices. This multifaceted app offers live betting and streaming functions right on your mobile device, enabling you to interact with live matches and place bets while on the move. The smooth incorporation of live features into the mobile app provides a captivating and interactive betting experience for Canadian sports fans.

#2. PartySports

The PartySports sportsbook app is designed with a user-friendly interface, ensuring effortless navigation for its users. Its quick loading times significantly improve the efficiency of bet placement and market access, establishing it as an ideal option for those who value a smooth mobile betting experience. The app encompasses a range of features from live betting to comprehensive statistics, effectively bringing the full capabilities of the sportsbook website right to your smartphone.

#3. bet365

The bet365 mobile app offers an impressive selection of over 35 sports, meeting the needs of various sports enthusiasts. It perfectly replicates the extensive betting features found on the sportsbook's website, including live betting and detailed statistical analysis. With its broad array of choices and complete functionality, the bet365 sportsbook app stands as an excellent option for those seeking a convenient and feature-packed mobile betting experience.

Legal online sports betting in Canada

Legal online sports betting in Canada

Sports betting in Canada experienced a significant advancement with the legalization of single-game wagering. This development was initiated by the enactment of Bill C-218, the regulated sports betting act, in 2021. Since then, sports gambling has seen considerable growth, particularly in Ontario. In Ontario, single-game betting is now fully operational and available to players, offering a variety of legal sports betting sites.

The growth of online sports betting is evident across other Canadian provinces as well. Six additional provinces have legalized and currently permit single-game wagering within their territories. However, the approach in these provinces differs from Ontario's; single-game wagering is typically limited to a single approved platform per province, such as PlayNow and ALC.

It's important to note that across Canada, including in Ontario and other provinces, the minimum age requirement to access a sportsbook, similar to online casinos, is 19 years.

Territory Is single-game sports betting legal?
Ontario Yes
Quebec Yes – restricted
British Columbia Yes – restricted
New Brunswick Yes – restricted
Newfoundland and Labrador Yes – restricted
Nova Scotia Yes – restricted
Prince Edward Island Yes – restricted
Manitoba Yes – restricted
Alberta Yes – restricted
Saskatchewan No
Nunavut No
Yukon No
Northwest Territories No

How to bet on sports: step-by-step guide

Embarking on sports betting in Ontario is an exciting venture, and we're here to help make the signup process with a betting site straightforward and hassle-free.

To begin placing sports bets online, you can either select a sportsbook from our recommended list or pick one based on our ratings. Once you've chosen a site, simply follow the steps outlined below to get started:

  • Select Your Preferred Sportsbook: Choose the sportsbook that best suits your needs from our recommended list.

  • Create an Account and Verify Your Identity: Register for an account and complete any necessary identity verification steps.

  • Deposit Funds: Add funds to your account using your chosen payment method.

  • Choose Your Bet: Select the sport, specific match, and betting line you're interested in.

  • Place Your Bet: Confirm your bet by adding it to your betslip and verifying it.

  • Wait for the Outcome: Once the betting lines close and the match concludes, your bets will be processed.

By following these simple steps, you'll be well on your way to enjoying sports betting in Ontario!

Understanding bet types and odds

Canadian betting sites offer a variety of bet types, especially with the recent introduction of single-game sports betting in Ontario. Among the most common betting options in Canada is the moneyline bet, where you predict the winning team or player. For closely matched teams, point spreads are often a more suitable choice.

Additional betting choices include over/under bets, where you predict a specific game statistic, like the total number of touchdowns in a game. There are numerous other betting options available as well.

It's also crucial to understand how betting odds are presented. In single-game betting, odds are typically displayed in American, fractional, or decimal formats. Being able to interpret these odds is essential for identifying the best betting opportunities and achieving favorable payouts. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the different bet types and how to read the odds for a more informed betting experience.

1. Straight

The simplest form of betting is placing a wager on a team or player to win. The most prevalent type of straight bet involves betting on a team to cover the point spread. For you to win this bet, your selected team must win by the number of points specified in the spread.

2. System

System bets, like parlays, consist of multiple legs or selections. However, a key difference is that in a system bet, you don't have to accurately predict all the legs to receive a payout. This feature offers a bit more flexibility compared to a traditional parlay, where getting every selection right is necessary for a win.

3. Parlay

Parlay bets add an extra level of excitement to the betting experience. In a parlay, you combine several straight bets into a single wager. However, for the parlay to pay out, every individual bet within it needs to be correct. This type of bet increases the potential payout but also comes with a higher risk since the likelihood of predicting multiple outcomes correctly is lower than in a single bet scenario.

4. In-play/live

Live betting offers a wide variety of bet types, with the key distinction being that these bets can be placed during the game, rather than just before it starts. This dynamic form of betting allows you to adjust your bets and even opt for an early cash-out as the game progresses and various scenarios unfold. This adds a real-time strategic element to betting, as you can make decisions based on the current state of the match.

5. Decimal

Understanding decimal odds is straightforward since they are displayed as a single number. This figure represents the total payout you would receive for a C$1 bet if you win. For example, if the odds are 7, you would get C$6 in winnings plus your original C$1 bet back, totaling C$7.

6. Fractional

Fractional odds are presented with two numbers, where the bottom number represents the amount you bet, and the top number indicates the potential winnings. For example, with odds of 4/5, a bet of C$5 would yield a win of C$4. This means for every C$5 you wager, you stand to win C$4 if your bet is successful.

7. Moneyline or American

American odds are characterized by positive and negative signs before the numbers. The positive sign indicates the underdog, and the negative sign denotes the favorite. For instance, if a team has odds of +150, it means that a bet of C$100 could win you C$150. Conversely, if the odds are -150, you would need to bet C$150 to win C$100. This system clearly differentiates the underdogs from the favorites and shows the amount needed to bet or that can be won.

Tips for success in online sports betting

As the popularity of sports betting and single-game sports betting rises in Canada, we want to offer some helpful advice for online play. If you're keen on starting sports betting in Ontario, first ensure that you use an online casino licensed in the province. Check out our selection of top sports betting sites.

We suggest choosing a site that offers favorable betting odds to boost your chances of a good payout. Additionally, in-play betting is recommended for a more engaging experience, allowing you to place bets while watching the game. And remember, you don't have to be a sports expert to do well in single-game betting. Stay tuned for further tips.

Tip 1

Shop for lines

Select a platform that provides competitive and equitable betting odds.

Tip 2


Choose a sportsbook that offers a broad selection of betting choices.

Tip 3

Pick what you know best

Opt for a sport that you have a keen interest in, and avoid making predictions without being well-informed.

Tip 4

Manage your bankroll

Create a budget specifically for betting and adhere strictly to it.

Tip 5

Gamble responsibly

Keep in mind that betting is meant to be enjoyable — avoid trying to recoup losses.

Pros and cons of online Ontario sports betting

Online sportsbooks offer several advantages compared to offline betting, but each has its unique appeal. Online platforms typically present a much broader range of betting options, including some unique bets not found offline.

On the other hand, betting in person at a physical bookie offers a communal atmosphere, allowing for interaction with others and the bookmaker. However, online sports betting sites often have more competitive odds due to lower overhead costs, which can lead to larger payouts than what you might get at a land-based venue.

Let's delve into the pros and cons of online betting sites in the following section.

Pros and cons

  • Convenient and easily accessible betting options.
  • User-friendly betting websites and mobile apps.
  • A broad array of sportsbooks to choose from.
  • Extensive coverage of various sports disciplines.
  • Availability of diverse betting features.
  • A stable internet connection is necessary.
  • Withdrawals may require up to 7 days for processing.

All you need to know about sports betting

The online sportsbook landscape can be overwhelming with its vast array of choices. To make your online betting journey easier, we assess and rank sports betting platforms using various important criteria.

We consider aspects such as the odds offered, the security measures in place, and the range of available markets. Our clear and straightforward ranking approach helps you make well-informed choices or even develop your own assessments of different sports betting sites.

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Research methodology

Sports betting in Ontario is relatively new, which might make it challenging to identify trustworthy betting operators.

At Luckymarmot, our team of sports analysts regularly reviews and updates evaluations of newly licensed sportsbooks. We thoroughly test and rate these platforms, providing expert insights into various aspects such as sports and markets available, betting features, odds, payment options, site security, customer support, and the overall user experience of online sportsbooks in Ontario.

Our rating criteria encompass multiple factors, each carefully assessed for quality, relevance to users, and how they compare to the overall market offerings. To understand more about our comprehensive review process and how we gather data, you can read our detailed review methodology.

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At Lucky Marmot, we provide personalized casino and sports betting offers through affiliate links, earning us a commission at no extra cost to you when depositing. We urge readers to abide by local gambling laws, which may vary and change. Please note, Lucky Marmot is not a gambling operator and doesn’t offer gambling facilities. We can’t be held responsible for third-party site activities, and don’t condone gambling where it’s prohibited.